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The CNARC.CLUB is a site for all current and prospective hams. We used to gather in Central Nebraska every year to enjoy the last full weekend in July at Victoria Springs State Park. We are moving the venue to Bader Park which is near Chapman Ne. in 2019 .The weekend is filled with activities featuring transmitter hunts, VE testing,  swap tables and lots of good food such as home made ice cream and good ol’ Nebraska beef.

If you would like to become a member please register  Follow this link

Send us you comments and suggestions with email to Steve@AGØL.com

or web site  www.AGØL.com

4 thoughts on “About us

  1. Another fantastic time at Victoria Springs this year, 2018. Thank you every one for all the work put in to make it happen.!!!!

    Jack WY0F and Anne

  2. I stopped by Victoria Springs SRA today for a POTA activation, and operated very near the marker that was put up in 2009. What a great history for that park. If you are able to have your Steak and Ham event this year, please let Parks on the Air know (if you don’t already), as there will be a lot of hams looking for your signals! And apparently you have left great impression with the staff at VSSRA, as they were very complimentary about the event.
    73 John KG5OIB from Texas

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