Steak Fry Weekend info & Agenda

Due to the Covid-19 Directed Health Measures buffets and pot lucks are 
not allowed. The reason is that you have many people using the same 
serving spoons which enables the spread of the virus. In order to get 
around this the Club will have two side dishes with dedicated servers 
using masks and rubber gloves as a precaution for the meals.

Any side dishes that are brought to the dinner are to remain at your 
individual table and not shared with other tables. The capacity of 
individual groups is 8 per table.

As far as the ice cream social we will have dedicated servers for ice 
cream and desserts with masks and gloves.

60th Annual Central Nebraska Amateur Radio Club Ham Fest and Steak Fry
July 24-25, 2021

Bader Memorial Park, Chapman, Nebraska

Get your Vehicle Permit ($6 daily/$25 Annual) immediately upon arrival.
 Permits available at Park office.

Agenda subject to change and/or corrections!

Central Nebraska Amateur Radio Club Web Site:

Talk in 145.415- 123 Tone

  –Come and enjoy the Greater Grand Island area, Stuhr
Museum of Prairie Pioneer, Crane Meadows Visitor Center, House of
Yesterday Museum in Hastings and many other attractions

Saturday July 24th

 1000 FCC exams in the shelter house, south of the camping area. The
Progressive Amateur Radio Club of North Platte are in charge. Extra
 VE’s may be needed. Walk-ins accepted. Please bring necessary fee and

All State of Nebraska Health Measures will be Followed!
1400 Gather for an old time ice cream social headed up by KA0DBK/Danny
and KC0LDG/Peggy! Bring your freezer and fixins. Cookies and bars are
also needed. Come and enjoy, just follow the crowd (shelter house).

 1530 Afternoon transmitter hunt. W0IOO/Bill Seier will present a short
instructional session on Fox
Hunts before the hunt. Bill has some neat ideas for this year’s hunt.

All State of Nebraska Health Measures will be Followed!
 1800 Grilled hot dogs and hamburgers at the shelter house. Choice of
side, chips and drink for a
fee to be determined to cover costs. CNARC in charge with help from Lincoln ARC.

1900 BIG ED’S POPCORN EMPORIUM. Free popcorn in memory of Ed
Doehling/WØHQE. Sponsored by Blue Valley ARC. Bring a chair. Time for
Rag Chew and getting reacquainted!

 Sunday July 25th

 0730 Coffee and rolls at the shelter house sponsored by Grand Island
 Radio Society. Donations please.

0900 Church Services at The Shelter House led by KD0AN/Lee and WB0USW/Mert. 1000 Registration begins in the shelter house area. Bring a covered
dish and utensils. Fee covers noon steak fry, day’s activities and
prize drawings. Prices to be determined by the beef market.

1000 Swap meet in the area parking near the shelter house. Please
bring your own tables! We need picnic tables for seating. No charge
for setup.

All State of Nebraska Health Measures will be Followed!
1100-1130 Bring covered dishes to serving tables. CNARC provides
sirloin steaks or sirloin burgers, and drinks. A covered dish is to be
furnished by everyone. Bring your own table service. Extra tables and
chairs are recommended.

1145-1200 Form four lines. Get your appetites ready! Steaks and
 sirloin burgers served by the CNARC and volunteers.
Afternoon program: CNARC Membership Meeting, Prizes,

This ham fest was started in 1962 with the family in mind.
We are glad you and your family could attend.