July 2016                                                                                                                                           Issue 97

Another month about gone by on the North Loup.. Everything looks pretty good.. The farmers are pretty close to being on schedule.. The corn is all about waist high and pivets are running full blower..

    We are surrounded by feed lots and everyone is trying to raise all the feed they can.. A few feeders have come up with a new idea to raise more of the feed they need.. They plant oats early, which is ripe now and being harvested and going into the silos.. Now they are planting a short season corn or beans and realizing a double crop.. Must be working for them, we see a few more doing this each year..  
     The second crop alfafa is ready to cut.. Looks like 2 crops of meadow hay this year too.. 
    We’ve been seeing several young deer, about the same amount of twins as singles. Either they are twins or the does are baby sitting for each other..  
    The bass and carp are keeping  the water roiled up.. Some friends had good luck catching some nice bass, but threw them back.. 
    BHS had an alumni dinner last week.. Classes who were celebrating 5 or 10 years since graduating were honored.. This person was celebrating 65 years since  running out the door with his diploma.. Time is going too fast..    
    I’ve been restoring a 1947 John Deere MT  tractor.. Had it popping a couple days ago.. More on this next time..  Victoria Springs is getting close.. Hope to see a crowd there   73 for now..  ejl..

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