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    1. Hi Brian,
      There haven’t been any emails and it’s good that you are watching the site. Plans are coming together for the annual Steak Fry this July,
      If you plan to attend please fill out the RSVP on the site and if camping call Bader Park for reservations. The agenda is being worked on and
      will be published on the site very soon.
      If you have HF capabilities you can listen to the Nebraska Net at 7:30AM, 12:30PM and 6:30PM on 3982.0 for any updates.

      Thanks for contacting me and hope to see you this summer.

  1. Hi, a friend and I are trying to get into ham radio. We live in the Grand Island area. We are looking to get in touch with a local group and finding an Elmer. We also need to take our technician level test still. Tried to reach people other ways but have not had success. Anyway we would like to be part of any local group, shoot me an email if you can. Thank you.

  2. VE Testing will happen at Bader Park on July 25th.

    Checked this site for proposed agenda aas to the time and location.


  3. If, you would like to receive various emails (For Sale, SK Notices and other ham news) sent out by KC0DA/Larry, send me your current email address and I will add it to my list. Many hams have changed their email addresses and do not update me, therefore they get kicked back.

    For CNARC and Bader Park News check this site. Ignore the request for username and password. It is wide open!


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