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November 2016                                                                                                                                       Issue 101


 November POOP from the Loup..
           Well, a new season.. I think the Agricultural part of the local population have their crops harvested..Our neighborhood have their beans and corn in the sheds.. Maybe the dust will  settle a bit now..  No-one uses less then 16 row harvesters around here.. Then they haul the profits to the grainerys with nothing less then 18 wheelers.. They all seem to need 18 wheelers to haul their harvest to the bins.. A generous use of the old JAKE brake keeps the air full of dust and noise..
                I’ve been having some problems with blood circulation.. I spent a couple days
in the Kearney hospital a few weeks ago. They decided one of the arteries from
a three way pass  25 years ago wasn’t  doing its share of the work.. 
 They decided an application of a NITROGLYCERIN patch everyday should wake
 that artery up.. The DR gave me a generous supply and said to come back in
 six months, so we’ll see how it goes..
              he seasons are changing..  LuEllen stays busy chasing the young white tails out of her flower patches..
             73 …. W0EJL


August 2016                                                                                                                                              Issue 100


Sorry, no poop this month..  Just can’t get in the mood..
   Had an appt with my heart doctor.. Guess I have some lazy parts of my heart that he was concerned about.. We spent a couple days in Kearney and they think I should get to feeling better soon..
    They seem to think  a little tinkering will get me going on all cylinders, so we’ll try it..  It amounts to using some nitro power to tell the heart when to beat.. I have always been able to hear when m heart misses a beat, usually every 10th to 17th beat.. So with the help of some nitro-aid, the  empty beats should be filled in..
    I’ve been working on an old John Deere model MT and have it going pretty good.. Guess I’ll run it for a while to see if it will be worth a new paint job.. I have a 6 foot dozer blade on it, it’s sure  fun to operate, even if just to dig a hole and then fill it back in again.. It’s a 1949 model..                           
    The neighbors are getting excited already.. Been getting some silos filled for Winter feed..
    Guess that’s it for now.. Maybe use it for a PFTL this month…….   73 all  EJL..


September 2016                                                                                                                                Issue 99


Hello again from the Loup..  Pretty quiet around here, except for a few noise makers..
   I think someone built himself an air boat.. Fortunately, he doesn’t fish after dark, so
   we are still sleeping well.. A neighbor brought his air boat a few years ago.. I don’t
   recall what the problem was, but after we fixed it and cranked it up for a test, as lilic
   bush about 50 feet behind it laid down flat..
   Speaking of sleeping, we must have a den of young coyotes.. They have been pretty
  scarce lately, but we hear them barking and yapping, usually after dark when we have
 a window open..  
    Keeping to the wild life, we also have young hoot owls.. One perches
   south of the other and the other north.. They converse quite often..
    Pretty neat seeing them atop my antenna poles..
    I have an old John Deere tractor, model MT.. Something was wrong with
      it so I parked it in a shed and forgot about it..  I was looking at it a few weeks
   ago and decided to get it running again.. 
   It is a 1949 model, so do the math.. The main problem was the wiring was
  all frayed and greasy.. Surprising our JD joint could order a new wire assembly..
    I told them to order it.. I came in a couple days, in a box..  Cost $168.00.. Well,
like a dummy, I gave them a check for it.. There were only 4 wires in a cable all
about 5 feet long.. Well, I gave it back and told them to keep my check until I order
whatever else I need.. 
    I hired an old mechanic to help with it..  He looked out at the lake alot and
inquired if there was fish in it.. Well, some people have caught some nice ones,
 so told him yeah..
    When we got the tractor popping, I asked what I owed him.. Well, he said, If I
 can try your fishing, we’ll call it even.. Can’t beat that.. I brought him on the porch
 where there were a dozen cannons and told him to pick one out.. So he did and
now we are both happy.. 73 W0EJL..



July 2016                                                                                                                                           Issue 97

Another month about gone by on the North Loup.. Everything looks pretty good.. The farmers are pretty close to being on schedule.. The corn is all about waist high and pivets are running full blower..

    We are surrounded by feed lots and everyone is trying to raise all the feed they can.. A few feeders have come up with a new idea to raise more of the feed they need.. They plant oats early, which is ripe now and being harvested and going into the silos.. Now they are planting a short season corn or beans and realizing a double crop.. Must be working for them, we see a few more doing this each year..  
     The second crop alfafa is ready to cut.. Looks like 2 crops of meadow hay this year too.. 
    We’ve been seeing several young deer, about the same amount of twins as singles. Either they are twins or the does are baby sitting for each other..  
    The bass and carp are keeping  the water roiled up.. Some friends had good luck catching some nice bass, but threw them back.. 
    BHS had an alumni dinner last week.. Classes who were celebrating 5 or 10 years since graduating were honored.. This person was celebrating 65 years since  running out the door with his diploma.. Time is going too fast..    
    I’ve been restoring a 1947 John Deere MT  tractor.. Had it popping a couple days ago.. More on this next time..  Victoria Springs is getting close.. Hope to see a crowd there   73 for now..  ejl..

Letters to the Editor (ARRL)

From Ed Loeffler W0EJL
Burwell NE 68823

I’ve been debating spending $39 for the membership and QST
magazine.. A letter from Tom Gallagher NY2RF made my mind
up for me..

I’ve been licensed for about 57 years, more or less and been
a member all that time.. Being over 80 years old I may not get to
read another years issue..

I have probably a pick-up truck load of old issues in my garage
and any one that would like to have them, they’d be welcome..

As I said, I’ve been walking past that letter for some time and
couldn’t decide if I should spend the $39 bucks, then when I
opened it, there was no deciding , the $49.00 price settled it..

I’ve seen the 80 years go by and enjoyed the hobby alot, but it’s
time to slow down.. therefore, thanks for the last 75 years, but
feel free to take me off your mailing list..

I’m mailing this parcel post, while I can still afford the stamp..

73 Ed W0EJL Burwell NE……


June 2016                                                                                                              Issue 96

I see it’s time for more Poop from the Loup.. 
Spring has been a long time coming this year..
From January one, we recorded 25 inches of snow, then a rain snow mix and finally good old rain..  The good old rain came in several  storms and various amounts, which finally added up to about 19.5 total inches, at this location..
I think the farmers were getting anxious, but are now getting some corn planted.. I haven’t seen any beans planted as yet.. Of course it’s hard to tell whats in the multi-row planter boxes
 as they crawl along their way..
Our renters started cutting alfalfa..  Our field seemed to have acquired some wild hay seed somehow.. It was as thick as the alfalfa and I’m watching to see if it doesn’t double the amount of bales when they wrap it up..
I mentioned some antennas last month that I’d like to get rid of.. I’m going to try to get more equipment cataloged an Steve offered to put some of my equipment in a seperate FOR  SALE
spot in the Mini-Watt..
Things like a
Kenwood TS120, it works ok.. 
 ICOM   IC-745, Works if you
 poke it in the right spot..   
  Hamtronics 2meter repeater and cans..
     It’s been fired up under my bench for ages
     Works every time I try it.. nuff for this time.. 73 ejl     


May 2016                                                                                                                                                       Issue 95



    Another month about gone..  Winter wasn’t too nasty, only a couple snow storms that required the help of John Deere.

Now we can’t complain about the moisture and I hate to say we are getting too much, but 5 inches in less than a week is a little much…. Well, it does gives the farmers some thing to complain about..

I’ve been hearing kudos about how well the Lincoln ham fest went this year..I’m sure it wasn’t one to miss..

It’s got me to thinking, I’ll never climb a tower anymore, so I should help our kids by dis-mantling some of the high stuff and seeing if anyone would be interested is owning some of it..

I have a telax (Hy GAIN)  4 element J pole that is 24 feet long hanging in a shed.. It splits in the middle so that makes 2, 12 foot pieces to contend with..

My beam is a 6 element Tri-Bander, I believe it’s a Telex Hy-Gain  six element for 10, 15, and 20 meters.. It’s on a 30 foot windmill tower..

Last time I used it, a fellow in Germany sent me a QSL card for a CW contact on 20 meters.. He was trying for all 93 counties in Nebraska..  ??

The beam is turned by a H-IV ? CD 45 .. Not working now, but I recall a tree branch laying it on the ground last year.. Hmmm..    I have some Collins to Heath gear and a lot in between, but we’ll go into that next month..



Son Mike had some friends he knew call and ask him to come back and work for them in their auto parts store in Ord.. They pay him more then he was making in Billings and in less time.. Of course, a little lass he knew from high school days, may have been another perk..

Our daughter will finish her kitchen mgr position in Missoula in a couple weeks and move back too..  She has a position with the game and parks when she gets home.. And a guy she knew well in high school..


I hope by next month I’ll have a list of amateur gear, from a new in the box 2 meter rig and some  gear that may be as old as I am……. 73 W0EJL