Monthly Archives: October 2016


August 2016                                                                                                                                              Issue 100


Sorry, no poop this month..  Just can’t get in the mood..
   Had an appt with my heart doctor.. Guess I have some lazy parts of my heart that he was concerned about.. We spent a couple days in Kearney and they think I should get to feeling better soon..
    They seem to think  a little tinkering will get me going on all cylinders, so we’ll try it..  It amounts to using some nitro power to tell the heart when to beat.. I have always been able to hear when m heart misses a beat, usually every 10th to 17th beat.. So with the help of some nitro-aid, the  empty beats should be filled in..
    I’ve been working on an old John Deere model MT and have it going pretty good.. Guess I’ll run it for a while to see if it will be worth a new paint job.. I have a 6 foot dozer blade on it, it’s sure  fun to operate, even if just to dig a hole and then fill it back in again.. It’s a 1949 model..                           
    The neighbors are getting excited already.. Been getting some silos filled for Winter feed..
    Guess that’s it for now.. Maybe use it for a PFTL this month…….   73 all  EJL..