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May 2016                                                                                                                                                       Issue 95



    Another month about gone..  Winter wasn’t too nasty, only a couple snow storms that required the help of John Deere.

Now we can’t complain about the moisture and I hate to say we are getting too much, but 5 inches in less than a week is a little much…. Well, it does gives the farmers some thing to complain about..

I’ve been hearing kudos about how well the Lincoln ham fest went this year..I’m sure it wasn’t one to miss..

It’s got me to thinking, I’ll never climb a tower anymore, so I should help our kids by dis-mantling some of the high stuff and seeing if anyone would be interested is owning some of it..

I have a telax (Hy GAIN)  4 element J pole that is 24 feet long hanging in a shed.. It splits in the middle so that makes 2, 12 foot pieces to contend with..

My beam is a 6 element Tri-Bander, I believe it’s a Telex Hy-Gain  six element for 10, 15, and 20 meters.. It’s on a 30 foot windmill tower..

Last time I used it, a fellow in Germany sent me a QSL card for a CW contact on 20 meters.. He was trying for all 93 counties in Nebraska..  ??

The beam is turned by a H-IV ? CD 45 .. Not working now, but I recall a tree branch laying it on the ground last year.. Hmmm..    I have some Collins to Heath gear and a lot in between, but we’ll go into that next month..



Son Mike had some friends he knew call and ask him to come back and work for them in their auto parts store in Ord.. They pay him more then he was making in Billings and in less time.. Of course, a little lass he knew from high school days, may have been another perk..

Our daughter will finish her kitchen mgr position in Missoula in a couple weeks and move back too..  She has a position with the game and parks when she gets home.. And a guy she knew well in high school..


I hope by next month I’ll have a list of amateur gear, from a new in the box 2 meter rig and some  gear that may be as old as I am……. 73 W0EJL



April 2016                                                                                                                                                     Issue 94



MORE POOP from the Loup……
     Well another month..  Have you noticed, our nice mild Winter has played an April Fool joke on us..Our snow storm a few days ago, carried alot of moisture for us to start the new farming season.. The wind blew the snow across our alfalfa field and dumped it on the north bank of lake.. The last of that just melted into the lake a few days ago..  I don’t think we’ve seen a snowdrift last that long in years.. The ducks and geese enjoyed it..
    Our Spring CNARC meeting brought out a bunch  people in  attendance and I didn’t see anyone leave hungry.. Nice work Larry..    We enjoyed it all..  Specially the icy cream….
    Since that time,  mama nature has shifted us back to a more seasonal weather.. The local farmers have been getting in gear with fertlizing, hauling that icky stuff out of the feedlots and checking out  their equipment..  With GPS equipped machinery and air conditioned tractors, you would think they’d have all the crops planted, in a week or ten days..
    Years ago, when they were pumping gravel out of our front yard, they buried a 14 inch plastic tube in the creek and we’ve been driving over it for years..
    This has usually been fine, but you know the beavers can’t stand to hear water run so, yes they say, lets plug that sucker..  
    Well, this wasn’t the first time, last time I found a 40 foot long Chinese elm, chopped it down and stripped all the branches and with the back hoe, I pushed that sucker through that tube.. PRESTO water is runnig again..
      Well, not much amateur radio, but thats it for this month..   ejl