Monthly Archives: March 2016


March 2016                                                                                                                                                 Issue 93

Hello again from the North Loup Valley.. Winter here has been relatively nice for this area..
The sky has been overly populated with migrating water birds, mostly Canada geese.. We’ve seen the lake when it seemed there wasn’t room for another goose.. Then another flight would come in..   
    They don’t spend all their time on the lake, we have corn and bean stubble all around so they do alot of grazing in the fields.. We  have a herd of wild turkeys around too.. They have become so used to us, they walk through the yard quite often.. We’ve counted as many as thirty in a bunch..
    The white tails are doing well too.. The weather seemed to shorten our season this year, so the population is larger then usual.. Most of the does are pulling two trailers, so twins seem to be the vogue this year..   
    Our aquatic pests, (beaver) who can’t stand to hear water run, plugged up the culvert under our driveway  a few days ago.. This backs up the water in our swamp and this could get to be a bad situation.. The only way I’ve found to cure the problem is to find a skinny tree 40 feet long and use the backhoe to drop it in on the lower end and push it through..  This cures the problem for a while.. 
    I guess that’s it for this time, hope to see a bunch of you in Grand Island this week-end..
    73 for now e & l on the Loup..