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February 2016                                                                                                                                           Issue 92


 Another month is about history.. Nice winter so far, but we’re hearing noises about a storm system headed our way from the four corners area.. This could be  a nasty one..

     We’ve had some cold days on the Loup, but nothing too serious yet..  We’ve noticed some huge vee’s of Canada geese headed north the last week or so.. We could have some nasty weather in this area before Spring, so I hope they know what they are doing..


     We’ve enjoyed a couple kids from Montana visiting this month.. One has moved back for good. Mike has been in the auto parts business for the last few years and knows the NAPA boys from Ord.. They offered him a job with higher pay and benefits, cute local gal  may have had something to do with it, too..  Our youngest daughter who has loved Missoula these past years has suddenly decided good old Nebraska is where she wants to be, so when her kitchen manager position is over for the Summer, she’s moving back.. Of course being responsible for feeding 1500 school kids every day could get old..    Again, a facebook friend in Burwell, probably had a part to play in her decision too..

  Larry has the word out concerning the CNARC winter meeting in Grand Island.. It looks like it will be about the same as usual.. If you need the particulars, contact Larry KC0DA..





Mid Winter Meeting

CNARC Mid-Winter Meeting
March 5, 2016
2245 North Webb Road
Grand Island, Nebraska
Meeting room will be open at 11:30 a.m.
Buffet is Italian, Mexican and American
Pay for your meal(s) when entering.
If, you plan to ATTEND, please RSVP to no later than February 24th.
There will be a short business meeting and a lot of rag chewing.
Hope to see you there.


January 2016                                                                                                                                             Issue 91

POOP FROM THE LOUP:::    Well, time moves on, in fact too fast for me.. 
        It seems the older I get, the faster the time moves.. Today  brings another year, January one, 2016 and counting..
         My dad, born in 1892 died in 1997, he was probably a little disappointed because     he always said if he lived to be 108, he would have lived in three centuries..   He missed that by three years.. I’m not going to try to out do him.. Well, If I’d get around as well as he did at 97, it might be ok..
        We’ve had  a pretty cold Winter along the Loup so far.. We still have 
a few possibly cold months, but I’ve seen some pretty nice Springs too.. 
        We had about 2 dozen wild turkeys around but they dis-appeared when we received our first snow.. They must have known about a more temperate home in the neighborhood.. They all re-appeared this morning..   I hope that is an omen that our weather will moderate a bit now ..   
The white tails have been hiding out alot, but appeared in a bunch this morning too..
    We have more Canada geese in the Loup Valley then I ever remember.. Do they fore-see a mild winter and decided to spend it here? I hope they know..
     I’ve been taking the QST off on on, mostly on, for 50 some years.. I have a truck load of old issues  around   and will probably never look at them again.. I’m sure I’m not the only one in a similar situation.. Any answers??  If someone should appear with a truck, I’d probably give them to whoever..   
       Guess that’s it for this month……  73 from the North Loup Valley  el ..