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November 2015                                                                                                                                         Issue 89

Poop from the Loup November 2015
    On November 19, four score and one year ago, my father (and mother) brought forth a new son and named the rascal Edward John.. William and Kathryn lived on a fram east of Burwell at the time..
    Edward, better known as Eddie, attended Westside, a rural school east of Burwell Nebraska..
    When in the seventh grade, for some reason we were called to class with the eight graders.. Later in the year, to determine if they completed the eight grade, this class was called to Burwell to take their exams, and for some reason, we of the seventh grade tagged along.. As I recall, we all, seventh and eighth grade passed the Garfield County eight grade tests..
    That Fall a buddy and myself started our 4 years of high school.. We were living about 12 miles north east of Burwell, too far to walk, ride a horse, and being a minor, too young to drive..
    I stayed in town with some relatives and made it home for the weekends..
By the tenth grade, I was old enough to qualify for a students drivers license, so an old Model A Ford was my horse..
    About this time, a cute neighbor girl started her high school education and needed a ride to Burwell High.. She rode along with me until I graduated..
    After she graduated and taught school for a year we continued to date and this led to a license to live together..
    I had an old Hallicrafters radio and heard a fellow in Burwell who signed on as W0DLM, Harry became a mentor and my first contact was with him on November 15, 1961..
    As time went along, I took the Amateur Extra test and acquired that license with the W0EJL call..
    As time passed, a son and 3 daughters came to live with us.. Thay all live in other states. so we’ve seen a bunch of states  visiting kids, grandkids etc.. I’ve had only one grandson get his license, but he’s to busy to use it much..
    I guess I’ve given enough clues, you all will have figured out when my birth day is and how old I am..
    73 ejl…….