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August 2015                                                                                                                         Issue 86

  Poop from the Loup Aug 2015   *** Steak Fry Issue***
    July 27, yesterday was the big day for the club. I don’t have numbers but we had a large turnout for the annual steak fry..  The weather Saturday was ideal for sitting in the shade, then from some unknown signal, containers of ice cream appeared from all directions and each container a different flavor.. Cookies too, of all sorts.. Of course I had to try every flavor..  
    July 28..     The was very much the same as past years, thanks to Wayne and Sharon, (who did most of the work), thanks to the bar-b-que chefs, and thank you to all who brought food for the tables..
    Larry, W0ERW, hosted a model airplane exhabition at his air strip on the hill west of the park.. I sat in the shade, but received glowing reports from the people did take it in..
    Joe took several pictures of the group after the dinner.. They will probably be available for scrutinization by the membership soon..
    Larry conducted the meeting, Steve read last years meeting minutes and our finalcial report.. Our financial report looks rosy so we’ll probably be back next year..
    We had several articles for a drawing, which Larry conducted in an able manner..
    A vote was conducted at the Lincon hamfest to select a Nebraska ham of the year.. The winner to receive a plaque given be the Gwen Anderson memorial Award Committee.. I was told that W0EJL’s name was drawn, but he was not in attendance.. It was decided to hold it and deliver it to Ed at the Vic Sprgs bash.. Thus it followed me home, also a new ARRL Handbook.. I want to thank all who voted for me, it will be cherished..
    I can see Steve will fill the sec’y – treas position in fabulous fashion.. He can’t fail with the neat Sec’y he’s hired.. ..  Not much POOP this month, we’ll try to do better next time….  ejl..



Our annual Victoria Springs steak fry was held on July 26 with several braving the warm (hot) weather to enjoy good food and camaraderie. Thanks to all who spend the time to organize and prepare for this occasion each year and a special thanks to all that attended.  We had 90 participants for the steak fry on Sunday most of which received an excellent sample of Nebraska beef. I did hear of a few that had gotten a tough piece of meat or one that wasn’t up to par. Next year we will see if we can address that. With that many steaks I guess we can’t expect a 100% so maybe we can send the bad ones back to the kitchen. We will speak to the cook.

The testing was held on Saturday morning with 3 prospective hams taking the test. Although none were successful I think we can count on them continuing their studies.We had 39 hams renew their dues and several registered on the web site the following week.

The circle of chairs continues to be a good place for information sharing on new ideas, projects and overall member updates.

Mark your calendars for July 30&31, 2016. Hope to see you there.


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