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    Up date in the tooth department.. The old uppers are history.. The new uppers are up and chewing..
    It’s taking a lot of getting acquainted, but hopefully I have some time to do that.. They gave me a couple tubes of auto body elixir to ease the discomfort.. It seems to be doing the job, now that I find Fix-O- Dent isn’t what auto body shops use..
    We were surprised to have a Montana car drive in a few days ago.. Jason. KC0ZLI jumped out and was with us a few days.. He was a little blue, seems a Nebraska deer tried to share the same lane of the road near Ainsworth.. He’s hoping for a good insurance settlement..
    The Burwell Fire Department hosted a July 4th BBQ.. Pork and beef sandwitches, tater chips, iced tea and water melons.. Good meal.. The fire works display was delayed until dark.. We heard some of it from 3 miles away..
    Well, this is the big month.. CNARC barbecue will be in full swing.. I think the format will be about the same as usual.. You can probably find a copy of the program elsewhere on this web site, so I won’t elaborate here.. Hope to see you there..  73’s Ed W0EJL..
Nebraska Worked all County Award

Chapter 25 of the Quarter Century Wireless Association (QCWA) is pleased to offer an award for having confirmed contacts with counties in the State of Nebraska. The goal of the award is to foster and recognize Amateur Radio activity in and with the State of Nebraska.


  1. An award will be made upon submission and acceptance of a formal application form for the award (see attached). The application includes a listing of Amateur Radio contacts with Nebraska counties, and a general certification by two Radio Amateurs.
  2. Initial awards will be considered for Amateur Radio contacts with 30, 60 and 93 Nebraska counties, and endorsements for 60 or 93 will also be considered.
  3. Contacts can be made on any FCC Authorized Amateur Radio band or mode and this includes satellite contacts. However repeater or digi-peater contacts are not acceptable.
  4. The award program is managed by the Nebraska County Award Committee (NCAC) of Chapter 025 of the QCWA. All decisions of the committee are final.
  5. Valid contacts can be established in several ways:
    1. A copy of a US-WorkedAllCounties award including the USA-CA award number;
    2. By contacts with the Chapter025 club station NE0QP;
    3. By contacts with a station in the NE QSO Party if the Nebraska station has submitted a log for that contact;
    4. Copies of County Hunter’s logs, with the confirmation initials of the contacted station;
    5. And finally, hardcopy QSLs with the NE county clearly marked on the QSL.
  6. At this time, neither eQSL nor LoTW contacts are acceptable.
  7. For applications from a station outside the US, all contacts must be made from the same country. For applications from a station in the US, all contacts must be from the same state. For applications from a Nebraska station, all contacts must be from the same Nebraska County.
  8. Amateurs interested in getting the award are encouraged to operate in the NE QSO Party in April of each year, and any club special events (like the Rare County Activation Special Event that the club sponsors in October).
  9. Verification of the submitted contacts shall be by General Certification Rules (see K1BV), that is by review and signature of two Amateur Radio operators in good standing as provided in the attached submittal sheet.
  10. Applications should be submitted to the chairman of the Nebraska County Award Committee:

Nebraska County Award Committee, Chapter 025, QCWA

c/o Mr Reynolds Davis, K0GND

3901 South 42sd Street

Lincoln, NE   68506-4212