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April 2015                                                                                                                                          Issue 82



The lifetime achievement award will be named the Skip Miller W0KVM
Lifetime Achievement Award.  This years recipients are….

Lyle Quinn. W0US
Dave Theophilus, W0NRW

Nebraska YL Ham of the Year
Bev Bennett, KD0PTR

Nebraska Ham of the Year
Hugh Dunne, KW0R
Jeff Bennett, W0WKP

Gwen Anderson K0GAA Memorial Award
Ed Loeffler, W0EJL
Sharon Martens, KB0TVB

Nebraska Young Ham of the Year
Grant Gardner, KB0BHO


Calling three different nets gives one a chance to compare different signals and how the audio differs, some pretty darn good.. Then there are the rough ones.. Don’t be afraid to  ask how you sound on the air, and then don’t be offended if the report isn’t what you’d like  Over –  driving seems to be the biggest problem.. This usually causes a wide signal with distortion products above and below your operating frequency.. Of course this doesn’t cause good   feelings with stations above and below your operating frequency..I must commend Dave, K0RWM at Nebraska City for some right on reports.. Stay with it Dave..I’ve found those who understand their ALC function of their transmitters and adjust accordingly, usually have   nice clean signals..Then there are a couple that sound like they have BBs rattling in their mikes. Our grandkids used to have hamsters and they make a similar noise running around in their cages..

I found I’d been nominated and accepted to receive the Gwen Anderson, K0GAA Memorial Award, which was awarded at the Lincoln Hamfest on March 21st.. Since I wasn’t there, it will be awarded to me at Victoria Springs this Summer.. I understand three people are  needed to drop a name in the hat to win..I know 2 of those that did, I thank them and the unknown very much..

Bit of wisdom – The easiest way to keep your ducks in a row, never own more than two  ducks…  April  2015.. W0EJL..



April showers; where are you? After a really mild winter we hope that the spring showers develop soon.

I missed some of the events this last month, being gone on a trip. I heard great comments from the LARC State Convention held in Lincoln. I understand they had a record breaking attendance and the hams enjoyed themselves. It is always a good time and I am sorry I missed it.

Amateur Radio continues to grow as indicated by these stats: Total Licensed Hams are now 726,275 with 54.7% Technician, 24.4% General, and 20.9% Extra.

The annual Nebraska QSO Party will be held on the weekend of April 18 and 19. On Saturday it will run from 7am to 9pm and on Sunday it will run from noon to 6pm. The objective of the contest is simple: make as many contacts as you can. For stations in Nebraska each Nebraska county, state, province or country that is contacted adds a multiplier for your score. Even if you don’t want to turn in a log, you can have fun making contacts with hams seeking Nebraska.

Check out Bill Cross’s comments ( the FCC’s ham guy) from the ARRL letter. I found this comment interesting:. ” Looking ahead, Cross said he can see a day when there may be only one Amateur Radio license class. “Do we really need three license classes anymore?” he asked. “I can see in the future the number of license classes decreasing again — to two or maybe one — because the differences really are not that much.”

Among the disappointments for Cross has been the rise in questionable on-the-air behavior, including intentional interference with DXpeditions, which he believes reflects such less-desirable societal trends as road rage. “People lose perspective,” he said. “No one lives or dies, if they don’t work Navassa Island.” FCC budget cutbacks will lead to less enforcement, he said, and with stretched resources, “something’s gotta give.”

Enjoy the Easter season!

AGØL -Steve