Monthly Archives: September 2014


September 2014                                                                                                                        issue 75

   The weather seems to always be a subject in Nebraska. Seems the snow geese have started their migration due to the recent cold weather, and Jack,WYØF,has announced plans to follow them about the 19th of Sept. Norman, WAØSOP, has graciously accepted to fill Jack’s NCS vacancy on the storm net every other Sunday evening.
   Along with the weather changes we have also noticed a change for the good, in band conditions. The W1AW portable stations are creating pileups even though most are on the second go round. Many of our club members are accumulating some good scores
on the W1AW centennial operation.
   The state fair is now history with several CNARC members and fellow hams putting in many hours of community service.Good job all!

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