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I heard that campers can not double up on the electric post . Would like to know the reason why as far as I can remember campers use to double up on the post . At the end of July there is a Ham Radio camp out and a lot of campers doubled up on the post’s I would hate to see a lot of campers turned away because we can’t do that one week a year . The park will double it’s revenue . ware a close group and don’t mind being close together . So please reconsider your decision . Thank you for your time . Sincerely .
Kevin D Curtis ( K0KDC ) If have any questions please feel free to call me ..


I am writing you in response to your submission to our contact link on the Nebraska Game and Parks website. In years past Superintendent Russ Wilkie let campers plug into the 30 amp plug and the 50 amp plug on one site. We can no longer allow this to happen as the electrical system cannot handle the load that campers draw during the summer months. The electrical system is aging and this past practice has caused some of the electrical pedestals to fail and we are also starting to see other components of the system to fail. If we allow this practice to continue we will have bigger issues on our hands than what we have. We understand that the Ham Radio camp out is a big outing for Victoria Springs and we want to accommodate you the best we can but we cannot allow two campers plugged into one electrical pedestal. Doubling up on a site or pedestal is not allowed across all State Parks and Recreation Areas in our system. However, because there is no designated camping pads at Victoria Springs we have no problem with everyone close together but some campers will have to use a generator for power as we will only allow one camper to plug into the pedestal. By no means are we turning the Ham Radio group away from Victoria Springs I just hope you understand why we can no longer allow doubling up on one pedestal. If you have any questions you can email me directly or call my office.



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