March 2015                                                                                                          Issue 81

March one 2015
The PFTL title seems fitting this month, we have a herd of
Canada Geese on the lake.. The lake covers about three acres
and we have near standing room only this year..
They occasionally fly up on the driveway and graze for
whatever they find.. They leave plenty of evidence showing they
have been there so, beware where you step.. Thus PFTL..
 Our English language is interesting..  Some examples I’ve
noticed recently..
“Not a good day to go out in”.
“We meet daily at 8:30 on Sundays only”.
“One good thing about retirement, It gives us plenty of time
to go see the doctor”..
Balding:  I like to think I’ve broadened my intellectual
horizon to such an extent – I don’t have enough hair to cover it all
I’m just waiting for the day when I mistake the glue stick
for the chapstick….      73 ejl……


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